Seize to gather Imran Khan in £190m outrage once more.


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As PTI boss Imran Khan neglected to show up before the Public Responsibility Department (Capture), the Grab on Wednesday gathered him again in a £190m case.

The accountability watchdog summoned Mr. Khan after labeling his response “unsatisfactory.” The notice will be issued shortly by the NAB.

Irfan Qadir, a member of the SAPM on Accountability, previously stated that the £190 million scandal was gaining momentum and that the National Crime Agency (NCA) of the United Kingdom had frozen some accounts in England. Zero-resilience strategy should be taken on against the people who stole from public cash,” he added.

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He said that the previous government had cleverly used the Supreme Court account to return public funds and that the PTI government had falsely claimed the NCA. The NCA misjudged that the cash was being localized to the nation’s exchequer,” he added.

He stated that the country was anticipating the return of stolen funds.

Mr. Qadir said that the government bureau endorsed the bringing home on Dec 2, 2019, yet the cash was not localized to the public exchequer. He added, “Why the SC did not audit it should be investigated.”

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He stated that the British agencies had been duped and that the PTI government had not shared the State Bank of Pakistan’s bank account with the UK government. He asserted that some individuals, rather than the SBP received the money.

He stated that there was no such “grand corruption” and added that something simple was being made complicated. Such individuals ought to be held accountable by our authorities, he added.

He stated, “I trust occupant Seize administrator Lieutenant General (retd) Nazir Ahmad Butt.”

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The SAPM said that it only took a few minutes and that Zulfi Bukhari, Mr. Khan, and his wife were all present. The case is before everybody,” he added.

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