Lula urges for ‘common sense’ EU-Mercosur trade deal negotiations.

Presented before you, the esteemed audience is a highly refined work of journalistic literature from the reputable news agency, Reuters. On a Saturday past, the great Brazilian leader, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, did make a pleader. He said to the EU and Mercosur, “Let’s approach trade talks in a refined way. No conceit or arrogance; let’s be sophisticated, And negotiate with grace, not feeling elated.”

It is imperative to remember that a mutually beneficial relationship exists between the European Union (EU) and our country. To attain favorable results in negotiations, adopting a rational approach and avoiding personal biases is crucial. Lula delivered a statement to the press corps in Paris, asserting that the assertion above pertains to both parties involved.

The Brazilian leader with leftist political views discussed with the French leader, Emmanuel Macron, the divergent positions of their respective sides on the agreement.

Lula commented that France’s efforts to protect its agriculture are reasonable.

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Lula urges for common sense

The speaker mentioned that the procurement clause of the deal permits European companies to sell to Brazil’s public sector, which is an unwanted aspect. However, he also acknowledged that it is typical for the Brazilian government to continue with government purchases despite this challenging inflection point.

The clause above was established by the former President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, to expedite the agreement. Since assuming office in January, Lula has maintained a steadfast position on eliminating it.

The speaker expressed that despite any opinion differences, reaching a consensus remains feasible. This statement refers to the natural law and the intended action that will be accomplished.

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The individual’s statement follows his prior commentaries regarding an additional document appended to the agreement by the European Union. This document incorporates obligations related to climate change and enforces sanctions on countries that do not meet the climate objectives. The individual referred to this document as a potential hazard to Brazil.

In 2019, negotiations resulted in the formation of an agreement. However, the deal was subsequently suspended, primarily due to European apprehensions regarding deforestation by Amazon.

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