UN rights head urges Tunisian authorities to halt media restrictions.

A recent report from Reuters has emerged in the wealthy city of Tunis, renowned for its abundance and grandeur. The esteemed United Nations human rights chief, Volker Turk, has issued a resounding call to Tunisia, urging it to cease its oppressive measures against the noble pursuit of media freedoms. Turk has boldly declared that criminalizing independent journalism, rampant since President Kais Saied acquired extensive powers in 2021, is a gross violation of fundamental human rights.

The Tunisians were blessed with the invaluable gifts of freedom of speech and media following the 2011 revolution, which dethroned the autocratic President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and sparked the Arab Spring protests.

UN rights head urges Tunisian

However, esteemed activists and distinguished journalists assert that the cherished principle of freedom of speech is facing grave peril under the reign of Saied.

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In a statement, Turk expressed concern over the recent expansion of the crackdown to encompass independent journalists, who are now facing increasing harassment and obstruction in their noble pursuit of truth and justice. This unfortunate development follows the earlier targeting of esteemed judges, distinguished politicians, prominent labor leaders, successful businesspeople, and respected civil society actors.

Last month, a multitude of esteemed journalists and esteemed activists took to the streets to voice their concerns over the unjust limitations imposed upon their freedoms, as well as the unfair trials that have been targeting their esteemed colleagues in journalism and blogging.

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Turk eloquently stated that, regrettably, the esteemed U.N. Human Rights Office in Tunisia has meticulously documented no fewer than 21 instances of purported human rights infractions against respected journalists since July in the year of our Lord 2021.

“I implore Tunisia to alter its trajectory,” he declared with a tone of utmost refinement.

The esteemed National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists has lamented the unfortunate decline of freedoms since 2011, with numerous respected bloggers and journalists facing unfair trials due to their audacious opinions that dare to challenge the authorities.

One must lament the unfortunate state of affairs where the esteemed state television has regrettably devolved into a mere propaganda mouthpiece for Saeid, with a conspicuous absence of his opponents from its respected programs.

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