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Ms Anumta Qureshi has made allegations of domestic violence against her in-laws.

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The well-known Pakistani actor, Anumta Qureshi, has made allegations of domestic violence against her in-laws.

The actor utilized a sequence of Instagram stories to disclose the mistreatment she has been subjected to by her husband Sarang’s family members, specifically his mother and sister. She admits to having overlooked the situation for some time.

Ms Qureshi expressed negative opinions about her mother-in-law, alleging that she habitually employs derogatory language towards her and imposes limitations on her autonomy. Per the actor’s statement, her mother-in-law has inflicted physical and verbal abuse upon her consistently over several years.

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According to Ms Qureshi, her sister-in-law, Farheen Qazi, reportedly caused physical harm to her mother, resulting in a leg fracture.

The actor revealed that her spouse’s professional obligations often require him to be away from their residence, which leaves her susceptible to mistreatment from her mother-in-law.

According to the user, her mother-in-law has been withholding food from her, resulting in the user going hungry. The user alleges that the mother-in-law hides food from her. Ms Qureshi expressed dissatisfaction with her mother-in-law’s perception that her acting profession has hindered their ability to establish a stable life together.

Ms Qureshi acknowledged her husband’s constant support during a difficult situation caused by her in-laws, attributing him as her main source of strength.

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The individual utilized their Instagram story to request the support of their fans and followers by asking for their prayers during a difficult period.

In January 2020, Anumta Qureshi and Sarang Qazi were joined in marriage. The two had been friends for an extended period before their weddings. In January 2022, the couple’s son Cyrus was born two years after their marriage.

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