Greece says it will keep its “strict but fair” policy on migration.

Greece says it will keep its "strict but fair" policy on migration.
Greece says it will keep its “strict but fair” policy on migration.

Following a sweeping conservative reelection victory in general elections, Greece’s new migration minister pledged on Tuesday to maintain a “strict but fair” policy toward migration and attempts at illegal entry.

Dimitris Kairidis, the new minister, told reporters, hours after Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s new government was sworn in, “We are humanitarians but not naive.”

In Sunday’s elections, the center-right New Democracy party defeated its left-wing rivals. To prevent boats carrying migrants from entering the European Union, it has promised to build a wall along the Greek-Turkish border and maintain rigorous patrolling in the eastern Mediterranean.

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Fundamental freedoms bunches have communicated worry over various reports of synopsis removals – otherwise called pushbacks – a case that the public authority has denied yet, wouldn’t expose to the examination of a completely autonomous request.

The new government was confirmed days after a fishing vessel sank south of Greece with hundreds dead or missing, a catastrophe that has concentrated on movement in the Mediterranean.

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During the next six months, when fellow EU member Spain will be holding the rotating presidency of the European Union, Kairidis stated that his government hoped to finalize approval for a migration agreement that would apply to the entire EU.

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