The official Women’s World Cup song has been released, featuring BENEE and Mallrat.


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The official Women's World Cup song has been released, featuring BENEE and Mallrat
The official Women’s World Cup song has been released, featuring BENEE and Mallrat.

Los Angeles, California (AP) — The absence of an anthem in the World Cup would result in the lack of a unifying song that serves as a source of inspiration for fans across the globe.

Before the commencement of the Women’s World Cup, scheduled to take place from July 20 to August 20, esteemed alt-pop artist BENEE from New Zealand and accomplished musician Mallrat from Australia have collaborated to release “Do It Again.” This song has been designated the official anthem for the tournament hosted by their respective nations. The music will be performed during the opening ceremony at Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand, preceding the inaugural match between New Zealand and Norway.

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The track “Do It Again” evokes the vibrant and diverse pop styles of both BENEE and Mallrat. It combines the infectious appeal of BENEE’s 2020 viral sensation “Supalonely” with Mallrat’s accessible yet innovative approach, as showcased in her song “Groceries.”

The women vocalize the lyrics “Wake up / This is the start of it” in the song’s uplifting chorus. Attention: We are returning home once more.

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In a recent announcement, FIFA declared its intention to provide a minimum payment of $30,000 to each player participating in the Women’s World Cup. The 23 players comprising the championship-winning team will receive $270,000 individually. This commitment to improved compensation was initially pledged in March and applied to all 732 players involved in the tournament.

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