Alan Fakir’s unique singing style has won him countless fans.

Alan Fakir's unique singing style has won him countless fans.
In 1980, Alan Fakir was bestowed with the esteemed Pride of Performance award.

Lahore, a city in Pakistan, is the subject of this web article. The decent folk and Sufi singer Allan Fakir’s musical legacy is being commemorated on his 23rd death anniversary, which falls on Tuesday.

Alan Fakir, a renowned Sindhi folk singer, was born in Jamshoro in 1932. He gained widespread recognition for his unique singing style. The individual’s legal name was Ali Bakhsh. The melodic compositions created by the individual were broadcasted on various government and private platforms. The individual was a member of the Mangrachi tribe.

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Alan Fakir’s profound connection with folk poetry is evident in his distinctive approach to singing and conveying its message to a global audience.

Alan Fakir commenced his rendition of folk poetry at the revered shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, captivating the attention of devout followers and visitors alike. In addition to endorsing Sindhi folk singing, he also promoted apparel. Subsequently, he attained additional recognition through his involvement with Radio Hyderabad. Allan Fakir predominantly performed songs in the Sindhi language, with a few compositions also in Urdu.

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The song titled ‘Humma Humma’ achieved significant popularity and widespread success. The composition initially featured Sindhi lyrics as its primary language. However, it was later adapted into a duet in Urdu featuring renowned pop singer Muhammad Ali Shehkhi under the title ‘Allah Allah kar Bhayya.’ Alan Fakir achieved the pinnacle of his fame through his collaborative efforts with renowned singer Shehki.

Alan Fakir received the President’s Pride of Performance Award in 1980 for his contributions to folk music. On July 4, 2000, he passed away at 68 in a private hospital in Karachi following a prolonged struggle with declining health.

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