French Teen’s Killer’s fundraiser reveals deep differences.

The fundraiser organized in support of the police officer involved in the shooting incident with a French teenager serves as a reflection of the existing divisions within society.
The fundraiser organized in support of the police officer involved in the shooting incident with a French teenager serves as a reflection of the existing divisions within society.

In the city of Paris, according to Reuters, The crowdfunding campaign aimed at collecting funds for the family of the police officer responsible for the fatal shooting of teenager Nahel M. in France has surpassed 1.4 million euros ($1.5 million) as of Tuesday. This amount exceeds the donations the victim’s family received and has sparked outrage among a significant portion of French society.

The political discourse has been primarily focused on the consequences of the death and subsequent riots in the impoverished suburbs of France. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, during her parliamentary address, has proposed implementing stricter measures against the youthful rioters and their parents.

President Emmanuel Macron convened a gathering wherein he engaged in discussions with a total of 302 mayors representing the municipalities affected by rioting incidents. During this meeting, he conveyed the message that the level of violence was gradually diminishing.

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Is the current state of calm expected to be sustained? According to a participant, he stated that the recent peak we encountered in the past few days has subsided and it would be wise to exercise caution.

After considering the perspectives shared by the mayors, it was concluded that a certain degree of humility is required, given the absence of a consensus regarding the most effective course of action in response to the events that have transpired.

The GoFundMe campaign was initiated by Jean Messiha, a prominent far-right media figure, to raise funds for the officer involved in the fatal shooting of Nahel M. The campaign has garnered over 72,000 private donations.

The fundraiser has been criticized by leftwing politicians, who consider it to be disgraceful. On the other hand, the far-right has come to the defense of the police force, arguing that it is subjected to frequent acts of violence in the low-income suburbs surrounding French cities. The ongoing debate serves as a reflection of the profound divisions present within French society.

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Messiha expressed his opinion on the matter, stating that the police officer is being subjected to a nationwide investigation, which he believes to be unjust and shameful. This statement was made by Messiha shortly after the commencement of his campaign.

The police officer is facing charges of voluntary homicide and has been placed in custody pending further legal proceedings.

The leader of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, has advocated for the cessation of the campaign concerning the officer.

The total amount of fundraising pledges received for the family of Nahel amounted to 352,000 euros.

Resentment toward law enforcement personnel

On June 27, an incident involving the shooting of Nahel, a 17-year-old individual of Algerian-Moroccan heritage, led to a significant outbreak of violence in France. The scale of this violence was shocking. However, law enforcement authorities swiftly intervened to suppress the rioters, resulting in a relatively calm period during the following two nights.

According to the interior ministry, a total of 72 arrests were made by the police overnight.

The initial uprising in the high-rise estates eventually evolved into a more extensive expression of hatred and resentment towards the state, accompanied by opportunistic violence in various towns and cities.

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