Delicious Google doodle to whet your appetite!

Delicious Google doodle to whet your appetite
The Gol Gappa Pay Doodle appeared on Google.

The objective is to maintain the original information while presenting it in a The Google Doodle recently featured ‘pani puri,’ a popular street food from South Asia, also known as ‘gol gappy in Pakistan.

The animation presented here manifests Google’s longstanding practice of modifying its logo to commemorate significant events, renowned individuals, and cultural customs.

The interactive game showcased in the doodle allows users to aid a street vendor in satisfying pani puri orders. The animation showcases a dynamic street food stall featuring a vendor and a customer.

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Users can select between two game modes, ‘Timed’ and ‘Relaxed,’ by simply clicking the play button. In both ways, players must choose the suitable flavors and quantities of gol gappy, considering the customers’ preferences.

The game’s design resembles the kitchen and cooking-themed games popular on the Google Play Store. Pani puri, also known as gol gappy, is a popular street food characterized by a crunchy shell that encloses a filling of potatoes, chickpeas, spices, and chilis. Various flavored glasses of water typically accompany this delectable snack. Tamarind pulp is a crucial component in the composition of water.

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