Turkey’s EU candidacy has been met with warnings from the Kremlin.

According to a report from Reuters, The Kremlin emphasized on Tuesday that Turkey should not have any false expectations regarding its potential membership in the European Union. Moscow also highlighted its intention to maintain strong relations with Ankara, despite existing disagreements, such as the issue of NATO enlargement.

Regarding the recent development of Turkey, a member of NATO, withdrawing its objection to Sweden’s potential membership in the alliance just before the commencement of a two-day NATO summit in Lithuania, Dmitry Peskov, the spokesperson for the Kremlin, responded.

The Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, has endeavored to uphold amicable relations with Moscow and Kyiv throughout the 16-month conflict in Ukraine. The individual in question has declined participation in Western sanctions imposed on Russia following the invasion. Furthermore, an invitation has been extended to Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit Turkiye in August.

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Turkey has impeded Sweden’s accession process, citing the Nordic country’s perceived inadequate efforts to combat individuals that Ankara considers terrorists. On Monday, President Erdogan withdrew his opposition to Sweden’s accession as the 32nd member of NATO.

Russia perceives NATO expansion as a potential risk to its security. However, Peskov downplayed a reporter’s suggestion that Turkey was shifting its focus from Russia toward Western countries.

During a daily news briefing, the speaker mentioned that Turkey could align itself with Western countries. They acknowledged that throughout the history of the Republic of Turkey, there have been periods of substantial alignment with the West and periods of less intense alignment.

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However, it is widely acknowledged that the desire for Turkey’s inclusion in Europe is lacking among the European population. The speaker emphasized the importance of our Turkish partners maintaining a realistic perspective and avoiding overly optimistic views.

The individual referenceduring opposition within the European Union (EU) towards accepting Turkiye, a sizable Muslim nation in the Middle East, due to its relatively low economic status. The application to join the bloc was initially submitted in 1987.

On Monday, President Erdogan expressed his view that the European Union (EU) should facilitate the restart of discussions regarding Turkey’s membership in the bloc. In return, Ankara would endorse Sweden’s application to join NATO. However, European leaders responded by stating their inability to accept this connection between the two matters.

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According to Peskov, it is acknowledged by Russia that Turkiye is required to fulfill its obligations as a member of NATO regarding Sweden. However, he further stated that Moscow intends to persist in establishing mutually advantageous relations with Ankara, despite any existing disagreements.

Turkey is currently working to convince Russia to extend a previously facilitated agreement, in collaboration with the United Nations, which enables Ukraine to export grain through the Black Sea. The city of Moscow expresses its discontent regarding the execution of some aspects of the agreement and indicates the possibility of not granting an extension beyond July 17.

Turkey played a significant role in facilitating prisoner exchanges between Russia and Ukraine last year. The Kremlin has deeply appreciated President Erdogan’s mediation efforts in the ongoing conflict.

The Kremlin is interested in establishing a new export hub in Turkiye for Russian gas. This initiative responds to European actions taken during the war to significantly reduce their dependence on Russian energy. As a result, Moscow is redirecting its gas shipments to alternative routes.

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