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Individual time trials may decide the Tour de France’s two-horse race.

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Individual time trials may decide the Tour de France's two-horse race.
Individual time trials may decide the Tour de France’s two-horse race.

Passy (AFP) – Jonas Vingegaard and Tadej Pogacar are currently tied in the standings following two challenging weeks of the Tour de France. However, the upcoming individual time trial on Tuesday, known as stage 16, has the potential to serve as the pivotal moment that determines the ultimate winner of the title.

The current leader, defending champion Vingegaard, maintains a 10-second advantage over two-time winner Pogacar. This ongoing battle for the yellow jersey continues to captivate audiences.

Nevertheless, both riders cannot approach Tuesday’s stage with absolute certainty in their ability to outperform the other, as a single mistake during the 22.4km time trial has the potential to nullify the efforts invested over the past two weeks.

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The riders commence their embarkation at intervals of two minutes, with the order being reversed based on the current standings.

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The final rider to start at Passy, a scenic town with Mont Blanc in sight, is Vingegaard from the Jumbo-Visma team.

Over the previous two weeks, the individual from Denmark has consistently maintained that he refrains from contemplating his competitor. However, it remains to be seen if he can accomplish such a feat, given the presence of the audacious Slovenian athlete currently leading the pack on this exceptionally demanding course.

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In a previous instance, Pogacar employed a strategic approach three years ago to outmaneuver Primoz Roglic. By maintaining a consistent and high level of performance throughout the event, Pogacar successfully seized the championship title from Roglic’s control at the final moment.

On the other hand, Vingegaard exhibits a diminished susceptibility to provocation.

The former fish factory worker preferred short, intense time trials such as the one scheduled for Tuesday. They appreciate the frequent variations in pace that such tests offer.

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The UAE rider expressed satisfaction with the course after conducting a time trial test.

The statement appears to be indicative of a bluff.

According to Thierry Gouvenou, the course designer, this time trial is specifically designed for experienced mountain bikers.

Bernard Hinault, the most recent French victor of the Tour de France, emerged triumphant in a world championships event encompassing an identical route. In an interview with AFP, Hinault expressed his belief that Pogacar and Vingegaard will face no other competitors of concern on this particular course.

It is imperative to attain the pinnacle of expertise in your craft. According to Hinault, this particular product is specifically designed for the two individuals present, and he is unaware of any individuals who can rival them.

Vingegaard has successfully halted the progress in the Alps. Following three days, during which Pogacar successfully recuperated lost time, the subsequent two stages have resulted in a balanced outcome.

The primary consideration pertains to selecting an optimal bicycle model for riders to effectively navigate a time trial encompassing both level and inclined segments.

Third-placed On Monday, Carlos Rodriguez participated in an interview while positioned in front of a mountain bike.


Rodriguez expressed that the risks of exchanging bikes outweigh any potential benefits.

Hinault concurred with his viewpoint.

According to the five-time Tour winner, it is advisable, to begin with a lightweight bicycle and exert maximum effort.

The course proceeds past a statue of Hinault near the formidable Cote de Domancy, a 2.5km uphill climb with a gradient of 9.4 percent.

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