Judge Qazi Faez Isa confronts the SC registrar.

On Monday, the Supreme Court’s Judge Qazi Faez Isa disputed the authority of the top court’s registrar, claiming that the latter could not revoke a judicial order. This incident caught the attention of the legal community.

He also suggests that Registrar Ishrat Ali step down from her position of authority.

Justice Isa stated in a letter to the Supreme Court registrar that the Chief Justice of Pakistan could not issue any administrative order in contravention of a judicial order and that the registrar’s circular dated March 31 was against the ruling of the Supreme Court’s three-member bench.

Suppose he knew the case was heard under suo motu No. 4/2022 Article 184/3. In that case, he should not have issued the circular, according to Justice Isa, renowned for his independent and outspoken opinions.

He also suggested that Registrar Ishrat Ali resign from her position.

The judge ordered the registrar to immediately remove the circular, who said that his actions demonstrated that he could not occupy the position. He emphasized that the separation of the judiciary and the executive branch under Article 175/3 ensured that the registrar had the same constitutional protections as all other citizens.