A week of riots in France has taken a financial toll.

A week of riots in France has taken a financial toll.
A week of riots in France has taken a financial toll.

(AFP) – According to data obtained by AFP news agency from the Ministry of the Interior, 1,105 public and private buildings have been burned or looted across the country. Additionally, numerous cars and buses were set on fire during the rioting, which began on June 27 and continued until 5:00 am on Tuesday, July 4.

The potential extent of the damage may surpass that witnessed during the 2005 riots, which were initiated by the fatalities of two teenagers in an electrical substation after a police pursuit in Clichy-sous-Bois, located in the northern region of Paris A week of riots in France.

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Police stations and town halls have been identified as the primary targets.

A total of 269 police stations and gendarmeries, widely regarded as representative of the state, have been attacked.

According to the Ile-de-France region, approximately 100 public facilities were targeted by rioters. These included 36 municipal police stations, 18 town halls or annexes, a creche, two community centers, three cultural centers, and two media libraries.

Significant structural damage has been inflicted upon a total of 60 educational institutions.

According to the Ministry of Education, approximately 60 schools have experienced significant damage, with 10 entirely or partially destroyed A week of riots in France.

According to Education Minister Pap Ndiaye, a significant number of 243 schools have incurred damage, resulting in financial losses estimated to be tens of millions of euros.

According to the Ile-de-France region, secondary schools in the Paris region have experienced minimal damage. Specifically, only one secondary school hall was subjected to vandalism, three secondary schools encountered fire incidents, and a fifth school sustained some damage.

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According to France’s AFP news agency, La Poste reported that approximately 80 post offices could not resume operations due to either destruction or concerns for the safety of staff and customers in the aftermath of the riots A week of riots in France.

The fires resulted in substantial damage to certain post offices, destroying mail and parcels.

One hundred fifty out of France’s 7,000 post offices incurred damage, while 80 ATMs belonging to La Banque Postale were destroyed.

A total of 1,000 businesses have been impacted.

According to Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, over 1,000 shops have experienced acts of vandalism, physical assault, or arson.

According to Le Maire, out of the approximately 200 food shops impacted, around 30 were subjected to arson. The majority of them have subsequently resumed operations. Several clothing shops were subjected to looting. However, they are scheduled to resume operations this weekend A week of riots in France.

The sale period in France has been prolonged by an additional week, now spanning until August 1. This extension aims to allow shops to compensate for the business they have previously missed out on.

Approximately 20 sports halls affiliated with chain stores have been impacted and remain closed. Additionally, 60 sports equipment stores have been subjected to looting. Furthermore, a dozen do-it-yourself (DIY) shops and several dozen fast food outlets have also been affected.

A majority of the targeted shops, specifically 436 in total, were establishments specializing in selling tobacco products, commonly known as tobacconists. Seventy-five percent of the items were subject to looting, while 10 percent suffered destruction. The damage assessment conducted by the Tobacconists’ Confederation has determined a total value exceeding €15 million A week of riots in France.

According to the French Banking Federation (FBF), 370 branches have been impacted, with 40 percent located in the Paris region.

The buses have been incinerated, and the tramway stations have been rendered inoperable.

According to the Ile-de-France region, 39 buses and one T6 tram have been incinerated since June 28, resulting in an estimated damage cost of €16 million A week of riots in France.

Multiple bus depots in the Ile-de-France region were intentionally ignited, specifically in Aubervilliers, Evry, Le Blanc-Mesnil, Dugny, and Savigny-sur-Orge. Additionally, the fires also affected a bus depot located approximately 100 kilometers east of the capital city, the town of Provins.

A total of 10 tramway stops in Paris were demolished, incurring a cost of €2 million.

According to the Interior Ministry, 5,892 vehicles were reportedly intentionally set ablaze in various locations throughout France as of 5:30 am on Tuesday A week of riots in France.

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As per the statement provided by Florence Lustman, the President of France Assureurs, it is anticipated that the current count of 5,800 insurance claims will likely result in a minimum cost of 280 million euros for insurers. Additionally, a significant number of additional claims are expected to be submitted in the future A week of riots in France.

The total amount of insurance claims during the three weeks of rioting in 2005 amounted to €204 million.

According to Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, the leader of the Medef employers’ union, it is possible that the amount in question could exceed one billion euros. The monetary value of the damage incurred by businesses.

The human cost refers to the toll or impact on individuals or society as a result of a particular event, action, or

According to the Interior Ministry, approximately 700 security force members have sustained injuries since the commencement of the riots. However, no severe injuries have been documented.

The organization has not released an official record of injuries sustained by individuals from the general public.

Based on the most recent data from the Ministry of Justice, 3,915 individuals have been apprehended nationwide since Friday. Of this number, 374 individuals have already made court appearances, while 120 have received prison sentences.

According to Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, a significant proportion of individuals apprehended, precisely 60 percent, had no prior criminal records as of Monday. Additionally, the average age of these individuals was reported to be 17 years old.

A total of 16 arrests were recorded during the overnight period on Tuesday, indicating a potential decline in unrest.

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