Mayor Suarez launches an exciting and innovative artificial intelligence chatbot for his presidential campaign!

Mayor Suarez launches an exciting and innovative artificial intelligence chatbot for his presidential campaign

A recent report by the Associated Press revealed that A super PAC, which is backing Miami Mayor Francis Suarez’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination, has recently introduced an artificial intelligence chatbot. This chatbot is designed to address inquiries related to Mayor Suarez, showcasing the growing trend of employing generative AI tools in the 2024 presidential campaigns.

On Wednesday, SOS America PAC introduced a bot capable of receiving user inquiries and correlating them with video responses. These responses are generated using an AI-driven avatar designed to resemble and emulate the appearance and voice of Suarez.

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The bot introduces itself as “AI Francis Suarez,” whose mouth movements resemble human-like motion. It has come to your attention that the conservative Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, is currently engaged in a presidential campaign. I am available to address any inquiries regarding Mayor Suarez’s established agenda to foster economic prosperity, reduce expenditures, and support our police force.

The tool operates on VideoAsk, a product developed by Typeform, a software company known for its applications in recruitment and sales. According to the product’s website, clients can generate “video funnels,” which direct visitors along various pathways based on their inquiries. This feature empowers users to actively participate in a personalized experience akin to choosing their adventure.

The chatbot does not provide immediate responses to user inquiries. Instead, it redirects users to a video on Suarez’s platform covering the relevant topic.

When inquired about Suarez’s stance on immigration, the bot initiates the playback of a 55-second video titled “Mayor Suarez’s Miami Model.” This video delves into a range of subjects, such as the promotion of economic prosperity in Miami, the rates of unemployment, the generation of employment opportunities, the incidence of homicides, and the issue of homelessness.

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When inquired about Suarez’s support for Trump as the GOP nominee, the bot adopts the persona of a computer-generated caricature named “AI Ron DeSantis.” The caricature, designed to resemble the governor of Florida, conveys that Suarez prioritizes “preserving the American economy and providing support to our law enforcement officers.” In contrast, DeSantis perceives “Mickey Mouse, yes Mickey Mouse” as “the most significant menace to American families today,” urging them to flee for safety.

Specific inquiries challenge the bot, resulting in a message on the screen stating, “Apologies, I was unable to comprehend….”

The chatbot is among the various instances of 2024 candidates incorporating generative AI tools into their campaigns, demonstrating innovative utilization of such technology.

In the previous month, the campaign of DeSantis unveiled a video on various social media platforms. This video employed computer-generated images created by artificial intelligence to depict a scenario where former President Donald Trump is seen embracing Dr. Anthony Fauci, a renowned infectious disease expert.

The Republican National Committee introduced a campaign advertisement in April that employs AI-generated imagery to portray a hypothetical future under President Joe Biden’s potential re-election.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used in political campaigning; however, notable progress has recently been made in AI technologies. The advancements above have led to significant enhancements in the efficiency, cost-efficiency, and ease of producing original images, videos, or blocks of text.

Although these tools can optimize laborious tasks and generate groundbreaking advertising campaigns, industry professionals caution that they can also be employed to produce detrimental and persuasive disinformation to exert influence over electoral processes.

SOS America PAC and Typeform did not promptly respond to inquiries seeking additional information regarding Suarez’s chatbot.

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